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Leanne Comrie

 “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” -Helen Keller

I love to travel.  Travelling is amazing in so many ways!!!  You get the chance to do things you’ve never done before, meet new people, eat different kinds of food and experience different cultures – I truly believe travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer! Being part of the World Travellers team is outstanding.  I enjoy my job just as much today as in the beginning of my career.  I chose this profession because I love to help people.  The most amazing part of this job is that no two days are alike.  People and situations are ever changing keeping my workdays new and interesting.   

I am an experienced Travel Partner and I have travelled to many exciting destinations and would love to share my experiences with you to help create your dream holiday!

Something random about me!
Conquered my fear of heights by doing a Tandem Skydive over Lake Taupo for my 30th

Trafalgar Square, 100 Taupo Quay, Wanganui
06 348 8190

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Tina Law

 “Not all those who wander are lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

 Having an open curious mind I’ve always had a passion and love for travel and other cultures. I love my job My desire is working with those who have a passion for living life and creating memories through travel. Having a passport opens the door to the world.

I enjoy experiencing other people, places and cultures around the world and being able to send other people to share in their own experiences as well.When I am planning, I “see” myself in every client’s trip as it were my very own, as my ultimate satisfaction with World Travellers is to help you create your own lifetime of memorable vacation experiences.

I want every client to feel like a VIP with my personal service and attention to detail preparing your trip to be smooth from start to finish. I’m here for YOU, to make sure you’re matched not only with the right property but the right room. I want to wow you with my phenomenal customer service so you share your experience with those at home. 

I’m a traveller too: Travel is both a healer and a teacher

Trafalgar Square, 100 Taupo Quay, Wanganui
06 348 8190